RESEARCH LIBRARY of Tomsk State University


02 July 2020
English Practice Lab invites you to talk with Rhoda online

If you want to practice talking in English, you can do it online since 7 July!

English Practice Lab-is one-to-one English conversation which runs every Tuesday from 3-4 p.m. The time for conversation for each participant is 20 minutes.

You need to register for the one-to-one conversation in advance!

Registration is closed at 2 p.m.! After registration, we will send you a link to the conversation in ZOOM.

Rhoda is ready to discuss issues in English which are interesting for you. Ashei Rhoda Mbah-is currently working at TSU Research library at the International Resource Center and many of you have already talked with Rhoda within online English speaking club. Ashei Rhoda Mbah - is from Cameroon, Yaounde city, Africa, a student of Biological Institute of Tomsk State University and is currently working in the Research library at the International Resource Center of Tomsk State University. Rhoda likes traveling, singing, talking with people and playing sports.