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A companion to medieval art Romanesque and Gothic in Northern Europe edited by Conrad Rudolph
A dictionary of Jewish-Christian relations edited by Edward Kessler and Neil Wenborn
A history of Florence 1200-1575 John M. Najemy
A history of modern Palestine one land, two peoples Ilan Pappe
A history of Russia Roger Bartlett
A history of the Modern British Isles, 1603-1707 the double crown David L. Smith
A history of the Soviet Union from the beginning to the end Peter Kenez
A people's history of the United States 1492-present Howard Zinn
A people's tragedy the Russian revolution 1891-1924 Orlando Figes
A polite and commercial people England, 1727-1783 Paul Langford
After the collapse of communism comparative lessons of transition edited by Michael McFaul, Kathryn Stoner-Weiss
All about the USA a cultural reader Milada Broukal, Peter Murphy
American empire a debate Christopher Layne, Bradley A. Thayer
American voices how dialects differ from coast to coast edited by Walt Wolfram and Ben Ward
An illustrated history of Britain David McDowall
An introduction to European foreign policy Fraser Cameron
An introduction to English legal history by J.H. Baker
Ancient Egypt a very short introduction Ian Shaw
Antifascism and memory in East Germany remembering the International Brigades, 1945-1989 Josie McLellan
Archaeology a very short introduction Paul Bahn; with illustrations by Bill Tidy
Asian anthropology edited by Jan van Bremen, Eyal Ben-Ari, and Syed Farid Alatas
Asian art edited by Rebecca M. Brown and Deborah S. Hutton
Augustus Caesar David Shotter
Britain since 1945 the people's peace Kenneth O. Morgan
British civilization an introduction John Oakland
British society since 1945 Arthur Marwick
Caligula Sam Wilkinson
Citizens a chronicle of the French revolution Simon Schama
Civil society in British history ideas, identities, institutions edited by Jose Harris
Classes and cultures England, 1918-1951 Ross McKibbin
Classical civilisations of South East Asia an anthology of articles published in the Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies comp. and introd. by Vladimir Braginsky
Clausewitz a very short introduction Michael Howard
Cold peace Stalin and Soviet ruling circle, 1945-1953 Yoram Gorlizki and Oleg Khlevniuk
Conscience, dissent and reform in Soviet Russia Philip Boobbyer
Constructing Russian culture in the age of revolution, 1881-1940 edited by Catriona Kelly and David Shepherd
Contemporary Russia Edwin Bacon with Matthew Wyman
Cossacks and the Russian Empire, 1598-1725 manipulation, rebellion and expansion into Siberia Christoph Witzenrath
Cromwell our chief of men Amtonia Fraser
Culture, ritual and revolution in Vietnam Shaun Kingsley Malarney
Dark continent: Europe's twentieth century Mark Mazower
Democratic revolutions Asia and Eastern Europe Mark R. Thompson
Developments in Russian politics 6 edited by Stephen White, Zvi Gitelman and Richard Sakwa
Doctors, folk medicine and the inquisition the repression of magical healing in Portugal during the Enlightenment by Thimothy D. Walker
Early modern Europe an Oxford history edited by Euan Cameron
Eighteenth-century Britain a very short introduction Paul Langford
Elizabeth I Christopher Haigh
Empire a very short introduction Stephen Howe
Empire how Britain made the modern world Niall Ferguson
Empire the Russian empire and its rivals Dominic Lieven
Empire, welfare state, Europe history of the United Kingdom, 1906-2001 T.O. Lloyd
Encyclopedia of Cold War espionage, spies, and secret operations Richard C. S. Trahair
Encyclopedia of racism in the United States Vol. 1 A-H edited by Pyong Gap Min
Encyclopedia of racism in the United States Vol. 2 I-R edited by Pyong Gap Min
Encyclopedia of racism in the United States Vol. 3 S-Z with primary documents and original writings edited by Pyong Gap Min
England's troubles seventeenth-century English political instability in European context Jonathan Scott
English culture and the decline of the industrial spirit, 1850-1980 Martin J. Wiener
English reformations religion, politics, and society under the Tudors Christopher Haigh
Essays in jurisprudence and philosophy by H. L. A. Hart
European legal history sources and institutions O.F. Robinson, T.D. Fergus, W.M. Gordon
Fascism and neofascism critical writings on the radical right in Europe edited by Angelica Fenner and Eric D. Weitz
Fascism's European empire Italian occupation during the Second World War Davide Rodogno; translated by Adrian Belton
Fascists Michael Mann
FDR and Lucy lovers and friends Resa Willis
Feminism-art-theory an anthology, 1968-2000 edited by Hilary Robinson
Freedom from fear the American people in depression and war, 1929-1945 David M. Kennedy
From World War to Cold War Churchill, Roosevelt, and the international history of the 1940s David Reynolds
Genocide a comprehensive introduction Adam Jones
Germans, Jews, and antisemites trials in emancipation Shulamit Volkov
God's englishman Oliver Cromwell and the English Revolution Christopher Hill
Governing the UK British politics in the 21st century Gillian Peele
Grand expectations the United States, 1945-1974 James T. Patterson
Hannibal`s dynasty power and politics in the western Mediterranean, 247-183 BC Dexter Hoyos
History a very short introduction John H. Arnold
History education and national identity in East Asia edited by Edward Vickers and Alisa Jones
History John Vincent
Hitler and Stalin parallel lives Alan Bullock
Hitler, Chamberlain and appeasement Frank McDonough
Hitler, the Allies, and the Jews Shlomo Aronson
Hope and glory Britain, 1900-2000 Peter Clarke
Ideologies of history in the Spanish Golden Age Anthony J. Cascardi
International relations since 1945 a history in two volumes J.P.D. Dunbabin
Introducing the USA a cultural reader Milada Broukal, Peter Murphy
Ireland since the famine F. S. L. Lyons
Ireland, 1798-1998 politics and war Alvin Jackson
Isaac Newton Gale E. Christianson
Israel's Holocaust and the politics of nationhood Idith Zertal; translated by Chaya Galai
Jewish daily life in Germany, 1618-1945 edited by Marion A. Kaplan
Jews in post-Holocaust Germany, 1945-1953 Jay Howard Geller
Katyn and the Soviet massacre of 1940 truth, justice and memory George Sanford
Kennedy and rhe promise of the sixties W. J. Rorabaugh
Late Stalinist Russia society between reconstruction and reinvention edited by Juliane Furst
Latin palaeography Antiquity and the Middle Ages Bernhard Bischoff; translated by Daibhi O Croinin and David Ganz
Lenin a revolutionary life by Christopher Read
Leonardo Martin Kemp
Literature in post-communist Russia and Eastern Europe the Russian, Czech and Slovak fiction of the changes, 1988-1998 Rajendra A. Chitnis
Machiavelli a very short introduction Quentin Skinner
Manhood and American political culture in the Cold War K. A. Cuordileone Mary, Queen of Scots Retha M. Warnicke
Medieval Britain a very short introduction John Gillingham and Ralph A. Griffiths
Medieval Spain culture, conflict, and coexistence: studies in honour of Angus MacKay edited by Roger Collins and Anthony Goodman
Modern Ireland, 1600-1972 R. F. Foster
Mohandas K. Gandhi a biography Patricia Cronin Marcello
Motivation and self-regulation across the life span edited by Jutta Heckhausen and Carol S. Dweck
Music in the Holocaust confronting life in the nazi ghettos and camps Shirli Gilbert
Myth a handbook William G. Doty
Myths for the masses an essay on mass communication Hanno Hardt
Nazi Germany Tim Kirk
Neoliberalism and conflict in Asia after 9/11 edited by Garry Rodan and Kevin Hewison
Nero David Shotter
New worlds, lost worlds the rule of the Tudors, 1485-1603 Susan Brigden
Nineteenth-century Britain a very short introduction Christopher Harvie and H. C. G. Matthew
Nineteenth-century Britain Jeremy Black and Donald M. MacRaild
Northern Ireland a very short introduction Marc Mulholland
Peacemarers the Paris conference of 1919 and its attempt to end war Margaret MacMillan
Playing and reality D. W. Winnicott; with a new preface by F. Robert Rodman
Political violence and terrorism in modern America a chronology Christopher Hewitt
Politics and culture in Victorian Britain essays in memory of Colin Matthew edited by Peter Ghosh and Lawrence Goldman
Postwar a history of Europe since 1945 Tony Judt
Poverty in world history Steven M. Beaudoin
Racial politics in post-revolutionary Cuba Mark Q. Sawyer
Reflections on the revolution in Europe Ralf Dahrendorf; with a new introduction and postscript by the author
Reflections on the revolution in France Edmund Burke; edited by Frank M. Turner; with essays by Darrin M. McMahon [a. o.]
Reformation Europe's house divided, 1490-1700 Diarmaid MacCulloch
Religious women in golden age Spain the permeable cloister Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt
Restoration Charles II and his kingdoms, 1660-1685 Tim Harris
Restructuring post-Communist Russia edited by Yitzhak Brudny, Jonathan Frankel, Stefani Hoffman
Revitalising US-Russian security cooperation practical measures Richard Weitz
Roman Britain a very short introduction Peter Salway
Roman Pompeii space and society Ray Laurence
Romantic Indians native Americans, British literature, and transatlantic culture, 1756-1830 Tim Fulford
Russia and the European Union prospects for a new relationship edited by Oksana Antonenko and Kathryn Pinnick
Russia and the USSR, 1855-1991 autocracy and dictatorship Stephen J. Lee
Russia in the 21st century the prodigal superpower Steven Rosefielde
Russia in the European context, 1789-1914 a member of the family edited by Susan P. McCaffray and Michael Melancon
Russian identities a historical survey Nicholas V. Riasanovsky
Russia's path from Gorbachev to Putin the demise of the Soviet system and the new Russia David M. Kotz and Fred Weir
Russia people and empire, 1552-1917 Geoffrey Hosking
Russia's empires their rise and fall: from prehistory to Putin Philip Longworth
Saddam Hussein a biography Shiva Balaghi
Secularisation in Western Europe, 1848-1914 Hugh McLeod
Select works of Edmund Burke Vol. 1 a new inprint of the Payne edition Edmund Burke; foreword and biographical note by Francis Canavan
Select works of Edmund Burke Vol. 2 a new inprint of the Payne edition Edmund Burke; foreword and biographical note by Francis Canavan
Select works of Edmund Burke Vol. 3 a new inprint of the Payne edition Edmund Burke; foreword and biographical note by Francis Canavan
Sex in the ancient world from A to Z John G. Younger
Sexuality in Medieval Europe doing unto others Ruth Mazo Karras
Sikh identity an exploration of groups among Sikhs Opinderjit Kaur Takhar
Spain a history edited by Raymond Carr
Spanish economics in the sixteenth century theory, policy, and practice Alexander Gallardo
Spanish society, 1400-1600 Teofilo F. Ruiz
Stalin a new history edited by Sarah Davies and James Harris
Stigmata escaping texts Helene Cixous; with a foreword by Jacques Derrida and a new preface by the author
Strange histories the trial of the pig, the walking dead, and other matters of fact from the medieval and Renaissance worlds Darren Oldridge
Stuart Britain a very short introduction John Morrill
Studying history Jeremy Black and Donald D. MacRaild
Teaching English to children Wendy A. Scott and Lisbeth H. Ytreberg
Tear off the masks! identity and imposture in twentieth-century Russia by Sheila Fitzpatrick
The age of Napoleon Susan P. Conner
The almanac of British politics Robert Waller and Byron Criddle
The American revolution Colin Bonwick
The American ways an introduction to American culture Maryanne Kearny Datesman, JoAnn Crandall, Edward N. Kearny
The Anglo-Saxon age a very short introduction John Blair
The Balkans, 1804-1999 nationalism, war and the great power Misha Glenny
The best of Betjeman selected by John Guest
The Bismarck myth Weimar Germany and the legacy of the Iron Chancellor Robert Gerwarth
The black death the great mortality of 1348-1350: a brief history with documents John Aberth
The Black Sea a history Charles King
The British Empire, 1558-1995 T. O. Lloyd
The Cambridge dictionary of classical civilization edited by Graham Shipley [a. o.]
The Cambridge illustrated history of the British Empire edited by P. J. Marshall
The Cambridge history of Russia Vol. 2
The Cambridge history of Russia Vol. 3
The Cambridge social history of Britain, 1750-1950 vol. 1 edited by Francis Michael Longstreth Thompson
The Cambridge social history of Britain, 1750-1950 vol. 2 edited by Francis Michael Longstreth Thompson
The Cambridge social history of Britain, 1750-1950 vol. 3 edited by Francis Michael Longstreth Thompson
The causes of the English Civil War Conrad Russell
The century of revolution, 1603-1714 Christopher Hill
The China threat perceptions, myths and reality edited by Herbert Yee and Ian Storey
The civilization of Europe in the Renaissance John Hale
The Cold War a history in documents and eyewithess accounts [edited by] Jussi Hanhimaki and Odd Arne Westad
The Cold War a very short introduction Robert J. McMahon
The Crusades a very short introduction Christopher Tyerman
The Crusades and the expansion of Catholic Christendom, 1000-1714 John France
The culture of power and the power of culture old regime Europa 1660-1789 T. C. W. Blanning
The dancer defects the struggle for cultural supremacy during the Cold War David Caute
The dark side of democracy explaining ethnic cleansing Michael Mann
The development of capitalism in Russia Simon Clarke
The dictators Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia Richard Overy
The dilemmas of destalinisation negotiating cultural and social change in the Khrushchev era edited by Polly Jones
The Enlightenment Dorinda Outram
The European dictatorships Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini Allan Todd
The European dynastic states, 1494-1660 Richard Bonney
The European Union as a global actor Charlotte Bretherton and John Vogler
The fall of Soviet Communism 1985-1991 Jeremy Smith
The fall of the Roman Republic David Shotter
The forging of the modern state early industrial Britain, 1783-1870 Eric J. Evans
The French Revolution a very short introduction William Doyle
The French revolution Linda S. Frey and Marsha L. Frey
The future of war the re-enchantment of war in the twenty-first century Christopher Coker
The global Cold War third world interventions and the making of our times Odd Arne Westad
The glorious cause the American Revolution, 1763-1789 Robert Middlekauff
The golden age of prince Henry the Navigator J. P. Oliveira Martins
The Greenwood dictionary of world history John J. Butt
The Habsburgs embodying empire Andrew Wheatcroft
The history of England lord Macaulay; edited and abridged with an introduction by Hugh Trevor-Roper
The history of Siberia Igor V. Naumov; edited by David N. Collins
The ideologies of class social relations in Britain, 1880-1950 Ross McKibbin
The Israel-Palestine conflict one hunderts years of war James L. Gelvin
The Kalmyks Elza-Bair Guchinova; translated by David C. Lewis
The legacy of the Siege of Leningrad, 1941-1995 myth, memories, and monuments Lisa A. Kirschenbaum
The later Reformation in England, 1547-1603 Diarmaid MacCulloch
The liberty reader edited and introduced by David Miller
The lights that failed European international history, 1919-1933 Zara Steiner
The lion's share a short history of British imperialism, 1850-2004 Bernard Porter
The making of modern British politics 1867-1945 Martin Pugh
The Marquis de Sade a very short introduction John Phillips
The medieval crown of Aragon a short history T. N. Bisson
The medieval Spains Bernard F. Reilly
The mirror of Spain, 1500-1700 the formation of a myth J.N. Hillgarth
The new global history Bruce Mazlish
The new imperialism David Harvey
The nineteenth century the British Isles, 1815-1901 edited by Colin Matthew
The Oxford companion to British history edited by John Cannon
The Oxford history of modern war edited by Charles Townshend
The Oxford history of the twentieth century edited by Michael Howard and Wm. Roger Louis
The Oxford illustrated history of Britain edited by Kenneth O. Morgan
The Oxford illustrated history of Tudor and Stuart Britain edited by John Morrill
The Palgrave Macmillan dictionary of women's biography editor of third and fourth editions, Maggy Hendry; original compiler and editor, Jennifer S. Uglow; assistant editor on first edition (for science, mathematics, and medicine), Frances Hinton
The Penguin history of Europe J. M. Roberts
The Penguin history of the United States of America Hugh Brogan
The pursuit of history aims, methods, and new directions in the study of modern history John Tosh with Sean Lang
The price of peace just war in the twenty-first century edited by Charles Reed and David Ryall
The regions of Spain a reference guide to history and culture Robert W. Kern; photographs by Chuck Smith
The reign of Henry VIII politics, policy and piety edited by Diarmaid MacCulloch
The riddle of all constitutions international law, democracy, and the critique of ideology Susan Marks
The rise of anti-Americanism edited by Brendon O'Connor and Martin Griffiths
The Routledge atlas of Jewish history Martin Gilbert
The routledge atlas of the Arab-Israel conflict Martin Gilbert
The Routledge companion to earle modern Europe, 1453-1763 Chris Cook and Philip Broadhead
The Routledge companion to European history since 1763 Chris Cook and John Stevenson
The Routledge companion to medieval warfare Jim Bradbury
The Routledge companion to the crusades Peter Lock
The Routledge companion to world history since 1914 Chris Cook and John Stevenson
The Routledge dictionary of modern British history John Plowright
The Russian Revolution, 1917 Rex A. Wade
The Russian Revolution a very short introduction S.A. Smith
The Scottish nation, 1700-2000 T. M. Devine
The sixteenth century, 1485-1603 edited by Patrick Collinson
The Spaniard in history James C. Fernald
The Spanish Civil War a modern tragedy George R. Esenwein
The Spanish Civil War origins, course, and outcomes Francisco J. Romero Salvado
The Spanish Civil War a very short introduction Helen Graham
The Spanish inquisition a history Joseph Perez; translated by Janet Lloyd
The story of sport in England Neil Wigglesworth
The third wave Democratization in the late twentieth century
The transformation of urban space in post-Soviet Russia Konstantin Axenov, Isolde Brade and Evgenij Bondarchuk
The Tudors a very short introduction John Guy
The two Irelands, 1912-1939 David Fitzpatrick
The United States in world history Edward J. Davies, II
The United States in world history Edward J. Davies, II
The Vietnam war David L. Anderson
The Vikings in history F. Donald Logan
The war for a nation the American Civil War Susan-Mary Grant
The war on terror and the American "Empire" after the Cold war edited by Alejandro Colas and Richard Saull
Thematic guide to world mythology Lorena Stookey
Tiny revolutions in Russia twentieth-century Soviet and Russian history in anecdotes Bruce Adams
Torquemada and the Spanish inquisition n a history by Rafael Sabatini
Totalitarian and authoritarian regimes in Europe legacies and lessons from the twentieth century edited by Jerzy W. Borejsza and Klaus Ziemer; in cooperation with Magdalena Hulas
Tragedy and scepticism in Shakespeare's England William M. Hamlin
Twentieth-century Britain a very short introduction Kenneth O. Morgan
Victorian people a reassessment of persons and themes, 1851-67 Asa Briggs
What is history now? edited by David Cannadine
What is history? E. H. Carr ; with a new introduction py Richard J. Evans
Without consent or contract the rise and fall of American slavery Robert William Fogel

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