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A practical approach to criminal procedure John Sprack
A practical approach to environmental law Paul Stookes
A theory of justice John Rawls
Access to justice n Deborah L. Rhode
AIDS and the sexuality of law ironic jurisprudence Joe Rollins
American fear the causes and consequences of high anxiety Peter N. Stearns
An introduction to roman law by Barry Nicholas
Anson's law of contract J. Beatson
Bail in criminal proceedings Neil Corre, David Wolchover
Basic documents on human rights edited by Ian Brownlie and Guy S. Goodwin-Gill
Beatson, Matthews, and Elliott's administrative law text and materials Mark Elliott; consultant editors: Jack Beatson and Martin Matthews
Blackstone`s employment law practice 2006 edited by John Bowers [a. o.]
Blackstone's statutes [on] contract, tort & restitution 2005/2006 edited by F. D. Rose
Blackstone`s statutes international law documents edited by Malcolm D. Evans
Blackstone's guide to the pensions act 2004 Martin Jenkins, Martin Poore, Helen Dodds [a. o.]
Blackstone's statutes [on] contract, tort & restitution 2005/2006 edited by F. D. Rose
Boyle & Birds' company law editors John Birds [a. o.]
Boyle & Birds' company law editors John Birds [a. o.]
Bringing the state back in edited by Peter B. Evans, Dietrich Rueschemeyer, Theda Skocpol
Butterworths competition law handbook edited by Garth Lindrup
Card, Cross & Jones criminal law Richard Card
Cases and materials on constitutional and administrative law Michael J. Allen, Brian Thompson
Cases and materials on the English legal system Michael Zander
Causation edited by Ernest Sosa and Michael Tooley
Charity law and social inclusion an international study Kerry O'Halloran
Commercial & consumer law 2005/2006 edited by F. D. Rose
Commercial law Robert Bradgate and Fidelma White
Commercial law text, cases and materials L. S. Sealy and R. J. A. Hooley
Company law 2005/2006 edited by Derek French
Company law and corporate finance Eilis Ferran
Company law Janet Dine
Competition law of the EC and UK Mark Furse
Constitutional and administrative law Neil Parpworth
Constitutional and administrative law Neil Parpworth
Constitutional law, administrative law, and human rights a critical introduction Ian Loveland
Constitutional reform Rodney Brazier
Contract cases and materials Robert Clark and Blanaid Clarke
Contract law Mindy Chen-Wishart
Contract law text, cases, and materials Ewan McKendrick
Contrasting prisoners' rights a comparative examination of Germany and England Liora Lazarus
Core statutes on family law 2005/2006 Frances Burton
Crime & politics big government`s erratic campaign for law and order Ted Gest
Criminal justice Lucia Zedner
Criminal law
Criminal law Nicola Padfield
Criminal law text, cases and materials Jonathan Herring
Criminal law text, cases, and materials Jonathan Herring
Criminal law theory doctrines of the general part edited by Stephen Shute and A. P. Simester
Criminal responsibility Victor Tadros
Criminology edited by Chris Hale [a. o.]
Criminology Stephen Jones
Documents in international environmental law edited by Philippe Sands and Paolo Galizzi
EC employment law Catherine Barnard
Ellinger's Modern banking law E.P. Ellinger, Eva Lomnicka, and Richard Hooley
Employment law
Employment law statutes 2003/04 Malcolm Sargeant
English legal system
English legal system in a Nutshell Penny Darbyshire
Environmental law Stuart Bell, Donald McGillivray
Epistemic justification internalism vs. externalism, foundations vs. virtues Laurence BonJour and Ernest Sosa
European civil practice vol. 1 edited by Alexander Layton [a. o.]
European civil practice vol. 2 edited by Alexander Layton [a. o.]
European Union law
European Union law in a global context text, cases, and materials Trevor C. Hartley
Evidence-based crime prevention edited by Lawrence W. Sherman [a. o.]
Family law in the twentieth century a history Stephen Cretney
Family law Jonathan Herring
Handbook of international law Anthony Aust
Human rights in international relations David P. Forsythe
Human rights in the "War on Terror" edited by Richard Ashby Wilson
If you're an egalitarian, how come yoy're so rich? G. A. Cohen
In defense of human rights a non-religious grounding in a pluralistic word Ari Kohen
Intellectual property edited by Andrew Christie, Stephen Gare
Intellectual property law L. Bently and B. Sherman
Intellectual property law L. Bently and B. Sherman
International human rights in context law, politics, morals: text and materials Henry J. Steiner and Philip Alston
International human rights lexicon Susan Marks and Andrew Clapham
International justice and the international criminal court between sovereignty and the rule of law Bruce Broomhall
International law and the use of force Christine Gray
International criminal law Antonio Cassese
International law Malcolm D. Evans
International law, museums and the return of cultural objects Ana Filipa Vrdoljak
Introduction to company law Paul L. Davies
Introduction to computer law David Bainbridge
Justice and the politics of difference Iris Marion Young
Justice as fairness a restatement John Rawls; edited by Erin Kelly
Labour law in an era of globalization transformative practices and possibilities edited by Joanne Conaghan, Richard Michael Fischl, Karl Klare
Labour law text and materials Hugh Collins, K. D. Ewing and Aileen McColgan
Labour law, work, and family critical and comparative perspectives edited by Joanne Conaghan and Kerry Rittich
Labour rights as human rights edited by Philip Alston; Academy of European Law European University Institute in collaboration with the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, New York University School of Law
Land law Kevin Gray, Susan Francis Gray
Law's empire Ronald Dworkin
Lloyd's introduction to jurisprudence by M.D.A. Freeman
Maudsley and Burn's trusts and trustees cases and materials G. J. Virgo; edited by E. H. Burn
Media law Geoffrey Robertson and Andrew Nicol
Men of blood violence, manliness and criminal justice in Victorian England Martin J. Wiener
Multinational enterprises and the law Peter Muchlinski
National rights, international obligations edited by Simon Caney, David George, and Peter Jones
On law, politics, and judicialization Martin Shapiro and Alec Stone Sweet
Penal systems a comparative approach Michael Cavadino and James Dignan
Philosophy of law [the fundamentals] Mark C. Murphy
Principles of criminal law Andrew Ashworth
Principles of public international law by Ian Brownlie
Public law Adam Tomkins
Publishing law Hugh Jones and Christopher Benson
Regional trade agreements and the WTO legal system edited by Lorand Bartels and Federico Ortino
Rights a critical introduction Tom Campbell
Selwyn's law of employment Norman Selwyn
Sentencing and punishment the quest for justice Susan Easton and Christine Piper
Text, cases & materials on public law & human rights Helen Fenwick, Gavin Phillipson
Textbook on civil liberties and human rights Professor Richard Stone
Textbook on consumer law David Oughton and John Lowry
Textbook on criminal law Michael J. Allen
Textbook on immigration and asylum law Georgina Clayton
Textbook on jurisprudence Hilaire McCoubrey and Nigel D. White
Textbook on labour law Simon Honeyball & John Bowers
The anatomy of corporate law a comparative and functional approach Reinier Kraakman, Paul Davies, Henry Hansmann [a. o.]
The concept of law H. L. A. Hart; with a postscript edited by Penelope A. Bulloch and Joseph Raz
The conflict of laws C. M. V. Clarkson, Jonathan Hill
The criminal process Andrew Ashworth and Mike Redmayne
The economic future in historical perspective edited by Paul A. David & Mark Thomas
The employment contract law legal principles, drafting, and interpretation Douglas Brodie
The law of restitution Andrew Burrows
The law of trust and equitable obligations Robert A. Pearce, John Stevens
The origins of adversary criminal trial John H. Langbein
The personal employment contract Mark R. Freedland
The refugee in international law Guy S. Goodwin-Gill and Jane McAdam
The sale of goods P.S. Atiyah
Theories of rights edited by Jeremy Waldron
Tort law Nicholas J. McBride and Roderick Bagshaw
Transnational organised crime perspectives on global security edited by Adam Edwards and Peter Gill
Understanding contract law John N. Adams and Roger Brownsword
Understanding family law ME Rodgers
Understanding jurisprudence an introduction to legal theory Raymond Wacks
Understanding law John N. Adams and Roger Brownsword
What is a law of nature? D. M. Armstrong

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