RESEARCH LIBRARY of Tomsk State University

Department of Digital Library

Head of the Department: Natalya N. Svetlichnaya
Phone: (+73822) 78-51-47

Location: Old Building, 1st floor, rooms 3

Historical information

The Digital Library Department of was founded on September 7, 2007, in light of the promising activities on creating digital versions of documents to support educational and research processes at TSU, and to form the Digital Library (repository) of TSU.

Main activities

1. Forming theDigital Library (repository) of TSU according to the profile of educational and research activities from the sources of information that are in demand among students, postgraduates, professors, and researchers.

2. Supporting the continuous life cycle of the resources created, their use and long-term storage.

3. Cooperating with faculties, the TSU publishing house, and the University, as well as academic and other libraries, in creating digital  documents.

4. Organizational and methodological activities; developing a scanning technology based on modern means of digitizing and approved standards and formats and also documenting the processes; arranging educational events on the functions of digital stock of documents.


The main sources of acquiring new items for the Digital Library (repository) of TSU are:

• digitizing the documents from the stock of the Research Library;

• gaining digital publications from third-party organizations and individuals;

• borrowing digital documents from the Internet.

To digitize the documents, the Department uses modern scanning systems:  systems of automatic and high-quality scanning ELARobot R-2 and ELAR PowerScan K625 A-1.


  • Providing access to digital documents that are systematized in the following collections:       

        - Authors’ abstracts and theses

        - Archive funds

        - Graduation works

        - P.N. Krylov Herbarium

        - TSU journals

        - History of TSU

        - Literary heritage

        - TSU рublications

        - Siberia. Tomsk

        - Partners of the TSU Digital Library

  • Conducting individual consultations on the placement and search of documents in the Digital Library (repository) of TSU.
  • Carrying out activities to promote the resources of the Digital Library (repository) of TSU.


Additional services (paid)

Scanning documents from library funds.