НАУЧНАЯ БИБЛИОТЕКА Томского государственного университета

Department of Library Cooperation and Technology

Head: Ekaterina V. Tarutina

Phone: (+73822) 52-97-16

E-mail: medvedeva@lib.tsu.ru

Location: The Old  Building, 3rd floor, Room 62.

Historic reference

History of the the methodological service is closely related to the emergence and development of the methodological activities of the Research Library. Its development reflects the real needs of the library practice and includes the following steps:

In 1952 the Library organized an academic seminar for discussing methodological issues of library work.

In 1966 the Library established a methodological room within the Scientific and Bibliographic Office. There were methodological literature and documentation, developed by the Library divisions.

In 1971 the Library organized the Scientific-Methodical Department which operated for 27 years until 1998. In 1998 it was transformed into a division of scientific-methodical work and sociological research.

In 2014 the Library established the Interlibrary Interaction and Library Technology Office based on this division.



  • Development of cooperation with the university libraries of Western Siberia, other libraries and institutions.
  • Development of library technologies, coordination and implementation of innovative library technologies in the Research Library.
  • Vocational enhancement of the Library staff, ensuring effectiveness of advanced training system in accordance with the modern requirements for libraries.


Among the users of the Office there are specialists of the TSU Library and other Tomsk libraries, students of TSU Department of Library and Information Activities, Institute of Culture and Arts. The book collection of the Office includes more than 700 copies of the most recently published documents and materials dedicated to librarianship and related areas, as well as to professional periodicals, and organizational and technological library documentation.

Services for librarians:

  • Information and methodological support on issues related to all information-and-library activities.
  • General information about the libraries of Western Siberia: structure, business hours, addresses and telephones.
  • Summary (coordination) work plans.
  • Technological documentation (instructions, provisions, standards and others) on organization of technological processes.
  • Educational activities such as: workshops, activities for mutual exchange of experience for a professional development of librarians.
  • Processing documents dedicated to the library activities: printed publications, remote access to the databases, lend out books.
  • Provide practical assistance in selecting publications, including providing information and consultations, thematic tours.
  • Information about new publications on librarianship and bibliography.