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10 декабря 2021
Foreign students of the Faculty of Pre-courses Department visited the Research Library

Excursions for three groups of students of the Faculty of Pre-courses Department from the far abroad countries were held in the Research Library on December, 7.

The route was door-to-door: the visitors were met right at the entrance and acquainted with the rules of attending the library. Where one can leave their outwear? How to get a reader card? And just as important – what is the way to the library?

Step by step the guides – Vyacheslav Schubert, a head of the RL Educational Center, and Le Thi Phuong Mai, a volunteer of the International Resource Center and a student of TSU Higher School of Journalism, – showed the students the reading rooms and other locations in the library, told them about the resources and services that the library provides. The visitors learnt about the option of booking rooms for studies and project works, about speaking clubs, exhibitions, about the unique Book Museum.

Future university students came to Tomsk from different countries – China, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Mongolia, France, India, Jordan, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Yemen, Nigeria, Singapore. That is why the excursion for one group was in English, for another – in Vietnamese, and for the third group the excursion was interpreted from Russian into Chinese by Vitaly Glinkin, a senior lecturer at the Faculty of History and Political Studies.

After the excursion, the students were asked to answer some questions online and share their impressions about the library.

“We would like to thank the Research Library staff for organizing such an interesting and informative excursion! Many liked the combination of modern and classic styles, thought out and well-organized space. Old building’s architecture, frescoes on the walls of the new building, Information Center 24/7, German reading room were specially emphasized,” – Lyudmila Dubtsova, an education and methodology specialist of the Faculty of Pre-courses Department, told, “The students also noted the library amenities, a wide range of resources, Internet access, and a laptop loan.”

The visitors were impressed by the opportunity to participate in different meetings, but at the same time, they thought it was important to have places for studies and work in silence.

In what ways the library didn’t meet the expectations? Somebody expected the library to have a Spanish reading room, a separate space with Chinese books, and huge wooden bookshelves. Still, we are sure that it will not hinder future university students from successful studies both within the library and in the format of remote access to its resources.

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