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28 декабря 2021
Happy New Year 2022!

Dear friends and colleagues,

Time flows, runs, flies, and the borderline dividing one year from another is nominal for the Universe but it is significant and important for us.  Looking back at the events of the passing year, we evaluate this time span of our life – what it has become for us, what it has enriched us with, what it has taught us to value. And when we sum up the results, we withdraw from the daily routine to feel the very existence and realize our missions.

At this moment, we define our future: we dream, make wishes, build plans – modest and ambitious, personal and collective, we spread our wings and strive for new achievements.

May we succeed in it all, may we have the power to make this world kinder and better, more perfect and wonderful!

Yet no one has cancelled or set bounds to the magic of the New Year: we wish you fascinating discoveries, joyful days, inspiration, and success!

Yours truly, the Research Library of TSU

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