НАУЧНАЯ БИБЛИОТЕКА Томского государственного университета

Deutscher Sprachklub

Time: Tuesday 18:00

Place: German Reading Room

DescriptionThe German language club has a variety of formats: thematic meetings, game evenings and watching movies. In a warm and friendly atmosphere the participants of the club share their impressions of German speaking countries, discuss different issues. The participants improve their grammar and vocabulary playing various modern games within the game evenings. They also get familiar with the authentic German movies within the cinema club meetings.



Sebastjan Jemec.
Sebastjan is from Slovenia. He is a post graduate student at the Faculty of Historical and Political Sciences. He is a polyglot and has been interested in foreign languages since his early childhood. «I am a foreigner everywhere, but with knowledge of the language and culture».


Contacts: deutschland@lib.tsu.ru, irc@lib.tsu.ru, tel: (3822) 78-51-04.