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26 декабря 2023
A piñata was broken at the language clubs New Year Fest

On December 20, the TSU Research Library hosted the Cool Contrasts New Year Fest – the final meeting of all language clubs of 2023. It was devoted to the traditions of Christmas and New Year celebrations in different countries.

This year the Cool Contrasts Festival was devoted to national games. There were 80 participants who played language games, took quizzes and participated in contests, cut out ornaments, tasted traditional national New Year’s sweets, competed for sweet souvenirs and prizes at 9 language stations. They also had a chance to dress up in the costumes of Ded Moroz and Snegurochka and recite poems.

«The meeting culminated in breaking a piñata. This is an ancient tradition and a custom of Christmas celebration in Spanish-speaking countries,» says Elena Tsukanova, the head of the International Resource Center. «The players should orient themselves in space blindfolded, find the piñata and break it with a bat. The process is accompanied with cheers and songs in Spanish. The piñata, a container made of cardboard and filled with sweets, had been crafted by the Spanish speaking club members. A lot of the participants wanted to try to break it!»

Elena Tsukanova adds that the New Year meeting was merry and efficient. The participants not only had fun but also gained new knowledge in languages, learnt about various cultural traditions. Such a good emotional charge will support them during the examination period.


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