RESEARCH LIBRARY of Tomsk State University

Borrowing and Renewing

Item check out

Item renewal


Item check out: For how long can I borrow the books from the Library?

Information about-the loan period is shown in the electronic catalogue under “Item class”. Items of the same name can have different loan period.

Information about books that are checked out for use at home (title, loan period, number of renewals, etc.) is shown in the User’s Account in the “Borrowed” tab.


     Place of storage

Item class

    Circulation desk6 months / 1 year
    Information center 24/71 week / 1 month
    Research Commons                  In-library use only
    Book Depository1 week / 1 month
    Branch-specific reading roomsIn-library use only / 1 day /1 week / 1 month
    English Reading Room1 week / 1 month
    German Reading Room     1 week / 1 month
    Department of Manuscripts and Literary HeritageIn-library use only
    Professors Reading Room            In-library use only
    Department of Library Cooperation & TechnologyIn-library use only / 1 day

  These items are checked out for in-library use only:

  • Periodicals;
  • Theses and abstracts;
  • Reference literature;
  • CDs and DVDs.


Item renewal: How many times and for how long can I renew the books borrowed from the Research Library?


     Item class


    Reading room only                Not available
    1 dayNot available
    1 week2 renewals 1 week each
    1 month3 renewals 1 month each
    6 months1 renewal 6 months
    1 yearNot available

How can I renew the borrowed items?

The items can be renewed personally at the Circulation Desk, by phone  (+73822) 78-51-49 or through your Reader Account in the electronic catalogue.

Unassisted renewal is not available in the following cases:

  • overdue date for an item or items;
  • the number of renewals reached its limit;
  • other Readers have requested this item or items;
  • The Reader has unpaid late charges for untimely return of the borrowed items.


The Readers failing to meet the due dates are not be able to:

  • to use the electronic request form;
  • to renew other items through the Account in the Electronic Catalogue till the moment of return or renewal of the overdue items;
  • to use licensed full-text databases outside of the University network and to use the closed resources of the E-library of the Research Library.