RESEARCH LIBRARY of Tomsk State University

Reader Registration Service

The Reader Registration Service

Phone: (+73822) 78-51-27

Location: the New building of the Library, ground floor
Opening hours: Monday - Friday - 09:00 – 19:00
Sat., Sun. – days off

The Sector offers the following services:

  • To get a reader’s card
  • To get a password to access a reader card through the E-catalog
  • To renew your reader’s card
  • To sign up an departure clearance
  • To get information about your responsibilities (Overdue Materials, Paying Bills, access lock, etc.)
  • To get an access for the library if the reader’s card is left at home
  • To get acquainted with guidelines for using the Library’s materials

Documents required:

  • TSU faculty and staff should have TSU ID (or a certificate) issued by TSU Department of Human Resources;
  • TSU students should have a student’s ID;
  • General Public Users should present their passport with the mark of registration at the place of residence or place of temporary stay.


A Reader Card gives its owner the right to:

- use the Electronic Catalogue in  its entirety;

- read and make copies of full-text documents from the TSU e-Library (repository);

- work with remote electronic resources;

- use Interlibrary Loan services;

- attend Information Center 24/7 at night time;

- request and reserve items from the book depository;

- work with hard copies of documents at Reading Rooms of the TSU Research Library, and borrow books (excluding  General Public Users).


Any lecturer, researcher, student, post-graduate (PhD) student, worker of TSU and any employee of TSU research institutes may visit the library, use documents, databases and resources on-site and borrow materials.

All citizens who are not studying or working at the TSU: secondary school students (over 14 years), students, post-graduate (PhD) students, lecturers of other universities, employees of research institutes, teachers, clerisy etc. may visit the library, use documents, databases and resources on-site. Library materials may not be borrowed.