RESEARCH LIBRARY of Tomsk State University

Café français. Club de conversation en français

Time: Thursday, 18:30

Place: International Resource Center

Description: The French speaking club is for those interested in learning French regardless of their proficiency. Café français is a great opportunity to break through the language barrier, learn something new about the culture of France, apply your knowledge when sharing opinions on a variety of topics - from modern colloquial French to wedding traditions of different countries, in a friendly atmosphere.



Derghal Fateh is a master degree student of the TSU Biological Institute from Algeria. In addition to Arabic and English, Fateh is proficient in French, he taught English at school for over 7 years. He loves music, reading, painting, and walking outside. Fateh hopes that his interest in different languages will help the participants to learn French as it is easier to learn a language together.


Contacts:, tel: (3822) 78-51-03.