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18 November 2015
Books making good reading! Weekly outlook of novelties: economy for academics and students

I would say to any higher school student: «Attend economy classes».
It doesn’t matter what you are going to do in your life, if it will be
art or something else, do not neglect economy classes.

Aksel Rouz

Today, we do not have to regret that there is a lack of educational economics books. Russian scientists also made their contribution to the education and professional growth of our future economists. In the reading-room of literature on economic and juridical sciences there are work books for those, who have just stepped up to the basics of economics as well as more advanced courses of micro- and macroeconomy, and also literature for those who continue education as PhD and Master students. Librarians of the reading-room will help you to wade through innumerable books, dictionaries and monographies.

Borzikh D. A. Econometrics in problems and exercises : [more than 300 problems : detailed look at typical problems on each theme] / D. A. Borzikh, B. B. Demeshev, - Moscow : Lendad, 2015, 202 pages.
In the problem book there were represented exercises collected or created by authors during many years of their teaching experience of econometrics in Higher School of Economy. These problems comprise the course of econometrics – 1 for bachelors and partly the econometrics-2 course for master students.

Geltser U.  G Fundamentals of predictable economy. Economy against the background of general systems theory / U. G. Geltser, Moscow : Lenand, 2015, 344 pages.
For the first time in this book there was made an attempt to describe the economic system at the separate state level with the language and methodological principals of general systems theory. You will find out the essence of economic system elements and how they function, features of their interrelations, how formal and informal structures are formed, where goals come from, and also that planning and forecasting are not the alternative to the market, in the contrary to that assumption they are quite compliant. The significant place in the work takes the money issue, in particular, where they come from and what should be the essence of their new theory. The book is intended for those, who understand the imperfection of up-to-date politics, economics, social life and look for the ways to solve existing problems. The book is written with the simple language that makes it comprehensible both for students, and professors, and even for those, who are not aware of economics basis.

Ivanus A. I. Code of Da Vinci in business, or the Harmonious management according to Fibonacci / A. I. Ivanus, Moscow, Librocom, 2015, 101 pages, illustrations.
In the given book there was considered the problem of representation of business – processes under the conditions of market economy as a certain holistic system, all the components of which are interrelated in accordance with the logic of sustainable harmonious proportions, making the fundamentals of the universe creation and widely known as Fibonacci-number. Basic results, described in the work, became available as a result of analysis and generalization of experience of several Russian production and business firms. The book is written for chiefs and managers of enterprises, multiple types of business organizations, as well as professors, postgraduate students and students, who are interested in problems of effective business management.

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