RESEARCH LIBRARY of Tomsk State University


17 November 2015
Changes in disposition of the entrance to the new library building

Dear readers and colleagues!

Since 2 November (Monday) the renovation of the building begins in the entrance hall nearby entrance to the new building and in the socle of the library (cloakroom, classroom №1, services of security and control, desk of readers’ registration). In relation to preparatory and renovation works, areas of location of the entrance to the new building and specified library services have been changed.

The temporary entrance to the new library building is:

•    from 09:00 until 21:00 during weekdays, from 09:00 until 15:00 on Saturday and Sunday – the door from the side of the 3d TSU building inner yard (archway passage).

The entrance to Information center 24/7:

•    from 21:00 until 09:00 during weekdays, from 15:00 until 09:00 on Saturday and Sunday – by the usual entrance into the new library building.

The cloakroom is removed to the administrative hall on the 2nd floor of the new library building.

Security and control services are situated in the same place, while the desk of readers’ registration is near the delivery desk.

The book center «Positive» and café «Nauchka» do not temporary work.

Renovation works will last until the end of November. After that all the library services will be moved back to their usual palaces.


We apologize for the unavoidable discomfort during the process of renovation.

We will be grateful for understanding and patience.

«There are no great affairs without great difficulties» (Voltaire).