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10 December 2015
This is interesting! Weekly review of novelties

Lishaev S. А. Remember with photos / S. А. Lishaev, – St.-Petersburg : Alteya, 2014, 139 p.

Problems of the modern visual culture belong to the research field of philosophers, culturologists, sociologists, psychologists, anthropologists. In the book «Remember with photos» the phenomenon of home photograph is studied, anthropological and cultural effects of amateur photography are considered, and it is described its influence on everyday life and mind of people, on the structure of their individual memory. The mechanisms of partial replacement of «natural» memory with its photo-construction is investigated in details. In the second part of the book, it is studied the anthology of analogues and digital photography, in the third part – diverse effects, accompanying the implementation of photo-images into the infrastructure of everyday life.

The researcher O. Bella in the book of S.А. Lishaev peer-review says that the problem of interrelations between the person and photographic practices is wider, more branchy and complex than the position, which was announced in the book as the lead one. Efficiently, the photographic process, independently from whether its results will be revised or not, directs the look of the person, assign the attention, align his/her optics. The author himself makes the remark that the «photographic image, like computer virus Trojan, is being «downloaded» into the mind while viewing an album («opening a file») and invisibly incorporates into his/her work: some of the recollections it switches off or deletes, some spoils, with some other creates odd visual symbiosis. First photo-image connects with the second, third, fourth… Thus, little by little, «heart memory» is being replaced by photo-construction of the memory».

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