RESEARCH LIBRARY of Tomsk State University

Сollection Development Service

Head of the Service: Natalya I. Dolzhina

Tel. (+7 3822) 78-51-36


Location: New Building, 4th floor

Operating Hours:

Daily 9 am – 4:15 pm
Sat., Sun. – day off
Last Thursday of the month – closed for cleaning day

Сollection Development Service Promotion is part of the Service Department.

Main activities

  • Forming the document stock according to the learned needs of the readers (curriculums, subjects of research works, plans for launching new degree programs at the university, and so on) and further creating a summary list of the databases for possible subscription.
  • Providing information about documents: databases required to support educational and research processes (monitoring the resources).
  • Selecting documents from the database: conducting test assessments, primary evaluation of database.
  • Providing users with the information about using the Library website to access databases that are being tested or have been acquired from grants.
  • Providing presentations and trainings on working with the resources and representatives of research information providers for the faculty and librarians.
  • Developing subject-specific collections.


The Service works in close cooperation with RL subject librarians.