RESEARCH LIBRARY of Tomsk State University

Department of Acquisition and Cataloging

Head of the Office : Viktoria Aleksandrovna Politykina

Tel: 78-51-14, 78-51-58


Address: The New Building, 1st floor, Rooms 15 and 16

Historic reference

Acquisitions and Cataloging Office became structural subdivision of TSU Research Library in 1934. Its establishment was a result of uniting of Cataloging Office, Alphabet Catalog, Systematic Catalog, and unsystematized stocks.

Processing Sub-office in Cataloging office was responsible for issues related to acquisitions. An Order of the Library (№64 from November 30, 1938) laid foundation of Acquisitions Office. It bears the following responsibilities: subscribing periodicals, purchasing literature in bookstores and individuals, obtaining legal deposit, conducting correspondence with the Book Chamber, distributing new acquisitions around the departments and the offices of Scientific library, and conducting exchange of publications with different national and international academic institutions.

In November, 1998 in order to optimize the technological cycle, the Acquisition Office and the Office of Scientific Processing of Documents were united. It allowed increasing intensity and quality of the new division based on implementation of an automated library information system - VTLS.

Office employees increase the library stocks with new materials on different subject areas in accordance with the requests of the TSU academic staff. Every week employees catalog about 300-400 book titles (800-1000 number of copies). Daily they register and give about 100 copies of different periodicals to the library journals and newspapers reading room.

The main sphere of activity

  • Systematic, scientifically justified and timely acquisition of the library stocks with documents in accordance with educational and professional programs, colloquiums and topics of the university research activities (jointly with librarians responsible for acquisition of the library stocks on subject areas).
  • Accounting documents, incoming and outgoing from the library stocks. Technical processing of documents.
  • Cataloging documents.
  • Organization and management of the library reference and search tools.



          - bibliographic information of bookpublishing and bookselling companies about new books, published and prepared for publishing.
          - list of new acquisitions of scientific, educational, methodical literature, abstracts and thesis in the library stocks.

    Subscription to periodicals and databases of electronic scientific journals (based on a list of subscribed documents formed jointly with the university faculties).

    Exchange of books with national and international universities and other academic institutions.

    Ordering and purchasing books for the library stocks.

    Providing complete information on the composition of the library collection via the catalog system.

    Organization and maintenance of the databases and the electronic card catalogs.

    Indexing, classification of documents on bibliographic classification tables of LBC, UDC.

    Developing and annual updating of the union catalog of periodicals, prescribed by the city libraries (in cooperation with other libraries).

    Supporting the university educational process with appropriate literature (jointly with the other library offices and the university divisions).

    Methodological help and consultations for specialists of the West Siberian libraries for increasing their professional qualification.