RESEARCH LIBRARY of Tomsk State University

Library Council

 The TSU Library Council was established to assist development of the information-library support of scientific and educational activity at the University. Among its goals are: supporting the Library in implementation of its main goals, and preparing recommendations on coordinating the work of the Library with scientific and educational divisions and on implementing public control over the University’s activities.

 The Library Council includes representatives of departments, research institutions, and the Library. Members of the Council are elected for a period of 5 years. Membership is approved by the Rector upon the recommendation of the Library director.

 The Council includes a chairperson, a deputy chairperson (the Library director), a secretary, and members of the Council. Members of the Council and invited specialists of the TSU Research Library participate in the meetings. The chairperson of the Library Council is a member of TSU Academic Council and reports to it.

Chairperson: Mikhail Shepel
Institute of Distance Education TSU. Director
Deputy Chairperson: Artem Vasiliev
Research Library, Director
Irina Bobrovnikova
Faculty of Physics. Associate Professor
Olga Bogdanova
Faculty of Psychology. Associate professor, Department of general and educational psychology
Sergey Gul’ko
Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. Professor, head of Department of Function Theory
Polina Goltsova
Faculty of Innovation Technologies. Learning support assistant, records manager of the Department of Information Support of Innovative Activities
Mikhail Gribovskiy
Faculty of History. Associate Professor, Department of Modern National History
Alla Degtyaryova
Institute of Law. Senior Lecturer, Department of Theory and History of State and Law, and Administrative Law
Grigoriy Dunaevskiy
Rector’s advisor. Faculty of Radiophysics. Professor and head, Department of Radioelectronics
Olga Zheravina
Institute of Arts and Culture. Associate Professor of the Department of Cultural Studies and Museology
Nataliya Zhilyakova
Faculty of Journalism. Associate Professor, Department of Theory and Practice of Journalism
Andrei Zhukov
Faculty of Radiophysics. Associate Professor, Department of Radioelectronics
Anna Lozhnikova
Faculty of Economics. Professor, Department of General and Applied Economics
Tamara Minakova
Faculty of Chemistry. Professor, Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry
Valeriy Parnachev
Faculty of Geology and Geography. Professor, Department of Dynamic Geology
Irina Poplovskaya
Faculty of Philology. Professor, Department of Russian and Foreign Literature
Aleksandr Revushkin
Institute of Biology. Professor and head, Department of Botanics
Evgeniya Tikhonova
Faculty of Foreign Languages