RESEARCH LIBRARY of Tomsk State University

Additional services

Research Library provides timely information and library services for TSU students, Ph.D. students, teachers, academic staff and others according to their information requests on the basis of free access to information and provides free basic library services.

Additional services are provided for a fee based on the price list of additional services, approved by the director of the library.

Title of serviceType (form) of service

I. Additional services on main activity

Producing of reader cards (plastic card)

Services office, readers registration

Producing and delivery of documents via Interlibrary loan

Services office, Interlibrary loan

Extending period of order on a book and its usage outside the library

Services office

Bibliographic correction of references and literature

Bibliographic Information Center

Drawing up thematic lists, filling out certificates about documents from the Research Library stock (where readers need help with catalog)

Bibliographic Information Center; Services office
Documents cataloguing and adding information to the Research Library electronic catalog

Acquisitions and Cataloging Office

Excursion around Research Library and Book Museum (for  all visitors)

Bibliographic Information Center, Manuscripts and Rare Books Office

Curation and Preservation of documents/ Binding

Curation and Preservation Services

Copying documents from the Research Library stock

Reader Registration Service,

Scanning documents from the library stock

Digital Library Department
Printing documents

Bibliographic Information Center, Journals reading room, English and American literature Reading room, German literature reading room

Printing barcode for Libraries

Computer Technologies Office

II. Additional services

Organization and supporting cultural and research activities

Socio-cultural Communications office; Maintenance and Logistics Office

Organization and holding education courses and internshipServices are provided by TSU